How Chat Marketing Can Increase Sales For Your Med Spa

How Chat Marketing Can Increase Sales For Your Med Spa

Chat Marketing is the future that we are currently experiencing and early adopters are winning and seeing the results. Are you ready to start generating leads, provide excellent client experience, inform your prospects, close sales and create a follow-up chat sequence for those who don’t convert to clients?

Sound too good to be true?

You may be thinking to yourself this all sounds great but I am a med spa owner and I don’t want to get caught up in all this tech stuff that I don’t understand. And I’ve heard it all before about promises about how I can fill up my appointment slots….I get it, so let’s break it down for you!

What is Chat Marketing

Chat Marketing in simple terms is using automated conversations with prospective and existing clients to create brand loyalty, brand awareness, generate sales, build relationships and nurture your clients.

Chat Marketing harnesses the power of Facebook Messenger to talk to clients (existing & current) where they are at in the client life cycle. Your clients are on Facebook and the Facebook family of apps such as Instagram & What’s App, yes Facebook owns them too. Chat Marketing helps you meet your clients where they already are, on Facebook!!

How Can It Help My Med Spa?

The possibilities are endless….so I am just going to show you the tip of the iceberg with what can be created. Let’s look at real-world examples:

Website Chat-Bot

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Install your chatbot on your website that allows prospective clients the ability of self-service. They can get the answers to their questions like “How much is Botox’, “What downtime can I expect after Fraxel”, “How long will it take to see results”, meet your team and all your most frequent questions people contact you to ask. You will also have the ability to allow clients to book appointments, contact by phone or ask a question to a team member.

Never Lose a Lead Again

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When a prospect interacts with your bot without taking action to come in for an appointment you have the ability to nurture the lead with follow up chat marketing sequences right within Facebook Messenger.

You Know Your Prospects

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Remove the guesswork and use the power of knowing your prospects. You know who they are and what service they are interested in so you can segment and tailor the messaging. But how do you get to know them? Because you are using conversation marketing that will track them and let you know who they are and what they are looking for. Added Bonus: You can serve them Instagram & Facebook Ads about the service they are interested in and re-engage and increase conversions.


med spa promotion messenger

Running a promotion for filler, laser or services that are underutilized in your practice? Using chat marketing will get your practice ahead of the competition. Allow clients to claim your promotion, pay for the service and make the appointment all within the Facebook Messenger. All this without human intervention!!

Customer Experience

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Imagine the reality of sending automated messages to your client’s messenger inbox prepping them for their upcoming appointment. Clients can confirm their appointment, learn what they can expect during their visit based on their treatment option and follow up with timely post-care messages.Not only are you creating an amazing client experience but you are making your team’s appointments easier as their clients are educated and know what to expect pre and post-treatment. You can also allow your clients the option to message you directly to answer any personal pre/post-treatment questions.

80% Open Rate

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I am going to assume you use email marketing (if not, you are leaving a lot of money on the table!!). What is your current open rate on emails that you send? A well-performing email campaign will have an open rate of 30%, if you are higher than average, kudos to you!! But most will be between 10-25%. Chat Marketing has an open rate of 80%+. Why? Because you are messaging them where they already are. They see the notification pop up on their phones!!


med spa review bot

As chat marketing is used during the complete client life cycle you can enable an automated follow-up process that will ask your clients to share their experience at your spa. Receive Facebook & Google reviews on auto-pilot.

Divert to Live Agent

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Yes, automated conversations are powerful but we always need humans as part of the process every now and then. But when the prospective client needs a live agent they already are informed about your practice and services and they have generally 1 or 2 questions before they commit and book. The prospects are wam and ready to book at this point in the client’s life cycle.

Retargeting & Follow Up Funnels

Retargeting Funnel Med Spa

You have multiple ways to retarget clients (new & existing). If you are unfamiliar with Facebook ads in your spa you know how retargeting works. Simply put; have you ever looked at a pair of boots online and all of a sudden you are seeing ads for your boots and other similar products? You do!! Well, that’s Facebook Ads 🙂

With Facebook Ads you can retarget clients across many platforms, increasing the likelihood that they will convert on your offer. If they don’t, no worries you have their data and can create nurture campaigns to follow up. Follow Up Funnels can incorporate Facebook Messenger, Text Message and Email. As I said earlier, the power of chat marketing is beyond our imagination.

Revenue Generator

I have clients who just use their chat marketing as a chatbot on their website (service menu, FAQ’s, appointment booking & contact information) without ads & follow up sequences. Using chat marketing just as an automated messenger on their websites over the course of a year generates thousands in revenue by just answering clients’ questions through messenger. The process doesn’t need to encompass every aspect of marketing as I outlined above but just covering off the basics it works!!


Meet Your Customers Where They Are

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Studies have shown that text and email are now the preferred methods of communication with businesses. Many med spa owners believe that they need to speak over the phone to prospective clients so that they can overcome any objections that a prospect has. If a prospect calls and they want to know the cost of filler, providing the answer on the phone (whether high or low end) will not make any difference in the purchase. Provide knowledge, educate and be open with prospects.

With Messenger, you enable your clients 24/7 access to you. They can make decisions without having to speak to you, they can make bookings on their own, they can purchase promotions and more without talking to a human.

Facebook Messenger is just the start, Chat Marketing will roll out to Instagram and iMessage.

How to set up Chat Marketing

If you haven’t started using chat marketing in your business yet, what are you waiting for!! You still have time to get in early, ahead of your competitors. There are many options when it comes to building your chat marketing system. You can get a service provider to build a chatbot for your business or you can do it yourself.

My favourite chatbot builder is Manychat – I’ve been using Manychat for over 2 years and it’s super easy and simple to get up and running. You can get started for free – Other popular options: Mobile Monkey & ChatFuel.

See Yourself How Chat Marketing Works

You have read enough of what chat marketing is and how it can help your med spa grow. But there is nothing like seeing it in action so take these automated chat marketing messenger for a test drive 🙂


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