Finally, an answer to the question you keep asking yourself:

What should I post on social media to fill my clinic with

high-paying clients?

Get a constant stream of clients with a done-for-you service which requires your input for just 45 minutes a month.

Would it be fair to say that…

In your clinic you’re:

On social media you:

And just maybe, at first glance, your feed lacks the calming, professional cohesion your clinic exudes in real life…

If you answered yes to any of the social media statements, I see You

According to The Harvard Business Review (and every client I’ve ever met) businesses like yours are making the same mistakes over and over, even when they have marketing team.

The good news is, there’s a quick fix that’ll get you a consistent stream of client enquiries from your social media within a couple of weeks.

When you get social media right...

You’ll build a semi-automated marketing machine that’ll fill your clinic with clients, almost effortlessly.

With a booked out clinic you could:

med spa marketing
  • Pay off the finance on your Bodytite, Hydrafacial and Sciton, (and use the money you save for a staff break to the Maldives)
  • Fill your therapist and clinician calendars (they’re happier, you’re happier and recruitment becomes a walk in the park)
  • Be the most profitable person in the room at parties, conferences and events (with 18% year on year growth in the Med Spa industry you’re in an enviable position to achieve this).

You may still be thinking...

Isn’t everyone on social media?
With a strategy?
How will we stand out?

I got you!

Content that:

Catches their eye

(in a Henry Cavill kind of way)

Catches their interest

(you can delete age spots!!??)

Catches their curiosity

(wait…this is for normal people like me?)

Becomes ‘Kim Kardashian’ shareable

(instead of secret scrolling)

Content that Converts

According to Forbes run down of social statistics for 2023…

77% of small businesses use social media to reach customers.

Which offers a surprising advantage… most Med Spa’s are using social media wrong. They’re posting pages full of lips, and promotions that actually discount their authority and respectability online.

Whereas YOU’LL be posting the content your ideal clients secretly want, but didn’t dare ask.

When you start posting content that connects, you start speaking your clients (dopamine inducing) love language.

And then there is no one else. 

Thanks brain hormones! (especially you – oxytocin )

Getting your social media dialled will give you a consistent stream of client enquiries and bookings 24/7.

How do I know this?

Because this is based on years of my personal experience, working exclusively with Med Spa Business Owners, Skin Care Clinics & other Medical Aesthetics Professionals.

Hey! I’m Pam, the Aesthetics Junkie

With over a decade in the online marketing world & 5+ years supporting Medical Aesthetics Professionals (and they have been supporting me in eliminating my fine lines for longer than I care to imagine ;) ) I’ve learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t on social media.

Add this experience to my aesthetics & data addiction, you get to skip the traditional marketers unproductive obsession with vanity metrics and focus on the conversions that will give you enviable ROI. This focus on data fuels the organic (and paid) campaigns I run for clients on social media and keeps you in the loop every step of the way.

med spa marketing

Campaigns that get me  love notes

like this


Aesthetic Amplify

A done-for-you service where we’ll create a lead generation machine that’ll fill your clinic with qualified enquiries from social media.

And your time investment is just

45 minutes/month*

(*) Maybe 60 minutes if we get chatty.

How this works...

You grow your business in roughly 45 minutes a month, while I do all of the expert jobs no one on your team is trained for (or wants) to do.

What you’ll do every month:

Show up for 45 – 60 minutes in your clinic for a remote video shoot with me.  I’ll tell you exactly what you need to do and say, and you’ll be surprised how much you enjoy connecting with your audience via video. You’ll laugh, which is why we usually budget an extra 15 minutes.

Enjoy watching your stats as you see the impact your upgraded social media strategy is having on your business.

Thats it. Your work is done.

nurse injector filming content
done for you social media

What I’ll do every month:

Explore trends and events to make your posts incredibly shareable

Create a dynamic strategy that works around your promotional calendar so you always feel top-end, even if you decide to offer a discount.

Edit your videos so they look like you had a professional shoot

Create Reels and video shorts from your pre-recorded videos for Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and TikTok*

Design graphics, static posts and carousel posts for Instagram & Facebook

Write captions that are designed to connect and convert moving your readers from browsers to buyers

Strategically select hashtags for every post to maximize visibility (and avoid accidental punishment by the algorithm)

Upload and schedule all of your content based on your needs

When we start working together we’ll also:

Develop a strategic long term growth plan so your content is always interesting and aligns with your business goals.

Review your marketing ecosystem to ensure that your customer journey is optimized 

Explore the best methods to evaluate ROI so you stay focussed on the right growth metrics

Audit your current social accounts so we can see what resonates and what we can avoid moving forwards.

(*) The exact content type and the places we’ll post it is based on the package we design for the needs of your business. 

aesthetic marketing

You’ve got the Q’s. Here are the A’s

How do we measure ROI?

One of the most common ways we measure ROI is by measuring activity in the DM’s but we’ll design a custom strategy for you with built in success markers so you’ll always know where you are in your growth.

I only want to be on Facebook (or Instagram, Youtube or TikTok) will this still work?

Yes - when we chat we’ll look at your business goals and look at how well your content is working for you on Facebook and develop a strategy from there. 

Will I always work with you?

Yes. I’ll be there for all of our virtual shoots and the more we work together, the more integrated I’ll become in your business. All specialist work is completed by specialists so a graphic designer will design your posts, a copywriter will write your content, a video editor will edit your videos and my assistant will upload into the scheduler. I’ll oversee every step.

What’s the investment?

Investment depends on the amount of work needed, if you want to be on all of the platforms, with all of the content types you’ll invest more than someone wanting only static posts on Facebook. When we talk we’ll explore what approach will work best for your business. Investment starts at $2997 .

Is there a trial?

As there is a significant amount of work involved in setting up your social marketing machine, including the strategy, posting schedules and an audit all of your current social accounts, there is a 3 month initial contract.  After the initial 3 month contract, you move onto a rolling contract which you can cancel at any time. I’ll simply need one months notice as we work a month in advance (to allow time for scheduling).

If you’re ready to:

Then let’s talk.

We can chat all things aesthetics and marketing 🙂 

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Hey! I'm Pam!

The Aesthetic Junkie, Host of the Medical Spa Marketing Show & Digital Marketing Nerd.