From marketing blah’s to booked out clinics

Grow your Med Spa with an expert digital marketer 
as your client attraction concierge

Does this sound like you?

  • I’ve invested $250K in equipment and thought it would sell itself, but I’ve got empty appointment slots and need them filled as soon as humanly possible.
  • I tried saving money by doing this myself but the ROI on my time was abysmal and now I just want results.
  • Other clinics seem to be killing it on social media and we’re not. What are they’re doing that we’re not?
  • Our clients love us when they get here, it’s getting people through the door we’re having problems with
medical spa marketing

Few things are more frustrating than spending hours coming up with an idea for your marketing, designing all the assets you need in Canva, typing everything up, and then - finally -  sending it out into the world to do it’s thing. And then… nothing happens.

medical spa marketing

I can help you create marketing campaigns that give you serious ROI with assets that:

  • Speak to the soul of your clients-to-be so they’re desperate to squeeze into your schedule a.s.a.p.
  • Make buying from you a no brainer (what competitors?)
  • Create loyal, raving fans who @ tag their friends when you post on social media
  • Have clients re-booking with you on repeat, exploring new treatments and sharing their experiences with friends and family. 

There are 3 ways We can grow your business  together

Social Media

Get more clients using organic growth strategies

Swap the content creation treadmill for a simple 45 minute a month meeting to get addictive content that maximises engagement and skyrockets your visibility. 

nurse injector filming content

Converting Leads to Clients

Get a digital aesthetic REVOEW that aligns with your brand & converts

Your clients vibe with visuals so you need your website to giving them the experience they deserve with design that brings your brand to life AND provides them with the information needed to become a patient!

improve website conversion med spa
medical spa websites

In case we haven’t met yet

Hey! I’m Pam, the Aesthetics Junkie

With over two decades in the online marketing world & 5+ years supporting Medical Aesthetics Professionals (and they have been supporting me in eliminating my fine lines for over a decade ) I’ve learned a ton about what works and what doesn’t. And the importance of timing – most people forget about timing!

I’m a BIG numbers nerd and people person (confession: I’m an EFTJ on Myers Briggs). So when we work together, know that I’ll be your strategic partner as you grow your business. I’ll be on hand (and on call) every step of the way. Probably holding a cup of Joe, a diet Pepsi and looking like a crazy person post PRP or Lasers… during launch time this girl needs caffeine and treatments to keep the stress lines away!

Not sure which service is the best fit for you?

Drop me a message with some details on where you’re at and I’ll get back to you with some ideas.

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medical spa websites

Hey! I'm Pam!

The Aesthetic Junkie, Host of the Medical Spa Marketing Show & Digital Marketing Nerd.