How to Get More Bookings, Consultation Requests, Calls on Your Medical Spa Website

How to Get More Bookings, Consultation Requests, Calls on Your Medical Spa Website

Do you know what’s happening on your website? Are people taking the desired action, or are they just visiting and leaving without doing anything? To get meaningful insights about how well your website is performing, tracking conversions is essential. Tracking conversions will not only help you to understand where visitors are coming from but also which ones are likely to take a conversion action.

In this article. we’re going to talk about how you can get more consultation requests, and bookings, have people reach out to you from your website. We work hard to get people to visit our website. It is not easy. We produce all content on social media. We get somebody to do an amazing website for us.

And then.


And our job today is to turn those crickets into conversions.

Side note…when I am talking about conversions, I mean that somebody has clicked to make an appointment, sent a form inquiry, clicked on your email address to email you, or they’ve clicked on your phone number. So it’s a high-value action. An action somebody should be taking on your website so every time I mention conversion that’s exactly what I’m talking about.

My aim today is to break it down into simple, actionable steps that you can take to improve your website conversions that lead to more prospects and more clients, and more patients for your practice.

It will give you some ideas on how you can improve your website so that your website does a lot of selling for you. And you can get back to doing what you do best, providing the best service.


why people aren't booking on my medical website


#1 – Identify What is Causing People to Abandon your Website Without Booking or Converting

A person has come to your website from one of your traffic sources (google, social media, paid traffic). What is actually stopping them from taking the desired action? Are they finding the right information that they are searching for? Is the website too complicated?

Let’s talk about a nice tool that I have for you that will give you an insight into what people are doing on your website.It’s called Hotjar.

How Hotjar Works!

You can just simply put a small snippet of code onto the backend of your website. If you have somebody who manages the website, you can just ask them to install Hotjar for you.

Hotjar records your actual website visitors. When somebody is actually on your website, it will record what they are doing. You can see from the user’s point of view, why they are not converting.

The user lands on a certain page, you can see the movement of their mouse, what content they are hovering over and what path of content they are following. But the best part about it is you actually see where they enter their journey and what’s stopping them from taking action. Right in front of your eyes, you do not need to be looking into analytics or wondering what’s going on.


more bookings on your website


Website Layout is Important 

Just because you know your website inside out, it makes sense to you. It’s always a great idea to have somebody new go through it. Ask them, can you find the information necessary to take the next steps because it’s difficult to get someone to do this for you a tool like Hotjar can be invaluable. 

When reviewing recordings of your website visitors, you will be surprised by what you find here. People clicking on something that they think is important. Maybe they click on a button that no longer works. You may see that the content looks distorted on the website, Hotjar will show you the device they’re on. If they are on mobile, or desktop, or if they’re on like an iPad or tablet.

The power of it is that you will see how your website looks to them. And sometimes that’s not what you see. It gives you the opportunity to be able to improve the performance of your website from the user’s point of view and that’s really important.  Having somebody sit down and watch the recordings on your team (it doesn’t have to be you!) will show you what improvements you can make.


website visitors

Not All Users Are Created Equally

You can filter by time and actions. A user who visited your website for five minutes should be locked differently compared to a user who bounced after 10 seconds.

You will gain valuable insights into where they attempted to go, what pages they visited, and what they are interested in. You are following their journey. Where it ended up when they left the website, you can gain insights into why they left the website. Did they get all the information that the page? Did the page not load? How good or bad was the user experience? It’s a really insightful tool to be able to see what’s happening and make improvements based on the user’s experience.

Click Here to Sign up to Hotjar for Free


answer your med spa questions

#2 – Answer Peoples’s Questions

This may sound like we are stating the obvious here but I want you to make it easy for website visitors to find the information that they’re looking for.

From working with many medical spas I have found that this is always a culprit as to why they’re not converting is people into bookings or inquiries. Most websites are simply not providing the information that people are looking for.

Don’t expect somebody to pick up the phone or send you an email to find the answers to the questions.

Re-read that again!!! 


missing from your website

What Information is Missing?

One of the biggest issues that stop people from reaching out is that they do not include the cost of treatments on their website. And if you don’t do anything else, but listen to this one piece of advice from this article is to tell people how much your services cost.

It’s never a money issue.

Even if you were the most expensive provider in your area, by telling somebody the price of your services, you’re giving them the ability to make a decision.

When you don’t have the price on your website you’re making the decision for them.

You’re telling them, Hey, I don’t want you here.

Some people think it’s okay let them reach out to us because then we can convert them into a customer and make the sale.

Or people have a bad money mindset and say, oh, I’m the most expensive provider so I’m not going to put that on my website.

Which is totally wrong.


cost of medical spa treatments


People who put prices on their website will convert more people into clients & inquiries #fact

If you do not give somebody the answer to their question, they will go to another service provider who will tell them how much the treatment costs.

If the answer is “It depends” and it’s not a set price. I want you to list the factors that contribute to the final pricing. For example, you can list the pricing range, “it starts at $X runs to $X”, and “here are the cost factors that determine the pricing of the service”.

So for instance, if you are talking about Botox and you’re not in Ireland or the UK where you price per area and we’re looking at units then you tell people a certain amount of units that are expected to go into an area (crows feet, forehead, chin etc) or kind of a typical spend would be.

Don’t include call for pricing or make people try to work hard to figure it out because that is the number one conversion killer.

When you talk about cost, it gives you the opportunity to educate people about what goes into costs. And then it gives you the opportunity to educate people about why you are more expensive if that’s the case over or the people what goes into your pricing.


med spa improve google ranking


It Will Improve Your Google Ranking

If you do talk about pricing, you’re very likely to appear in position Position Zero on Google. This is where the answer is already pre-populated before somebody has to click through to a link so it’s the most prime real estate that you can have on google.

People in your area are Googling “How much is cool sculpting?” “How much is botox?” “How much is filler?” And if you’re the one providing the answer on your website that’s free traffic and leads coming to you just because you’re providing people with the answers that they are looking for. 


use clear language on your med spa website


#3 – Clear & Concise Language 

Use clear and concise language on your website. More importantly, I want you to use language that your patients in your clinic. What to they say? What are their concerns and their pain points? This is your opportunity to use what they tell you right back at them so they will instantly resonate with your messaging.

They know they’re in the right place.

They know you’re the one who can help.

It breaks down the barrier of trying to sift through the information.

One of the most important aspects of this is that you do not use medical jargon. I know there are opportunities when you’re looking at some services like PRP that you can be very jargon-like content.

I want you to just break it down into simple terms, like how would you explain it to a seven-year-old?

What would you tell them?

Use that kind of language and keep it simple and concise and that will go a long way to converting your prospects.


avoid med spa stock images


Avoid the Use of General Copy & Messaging

Please don’t use the general copy that is provided to you by the companies that are your vendors. Their copy is very generic.

Everybody has it on the website.

It’s not conversion copy, it’s informational. Meaning it’s not going to help convert someone to take action on your site. 

The same applies to the images that they supply, while they are good if you have no images. You will want to work towards having real people on your website, and avoid stock images.

For example, Inmode provide great before and afters of Morpheus on the face and neck but the social media that they provide is very stock imagery-like, and I see so many people on Instagram using it. And that’s not what going to get someone to convert to see that Jessica Simpson has been using Morpheus.

They want to see real people with real issues.

The more you can have real people with their before and afters on your website, more people can resonate with them. When people can resonate and see what’s achievable for them.


med spa before and after

Get Real Before & Afters

Ensure you have waivers as part of your sign-up process. Not everyone will sign but that’s okay. There are multiple levels of waivers for what imagery can be used. But generally speaking, people are happy to be able to use them at a level they are comfortable with. Some images you will black out their eyes, and show a treatment-specific area like lips so you can show off your work without showing off your client.


user friendly med spa website

#4 – User-Friendly Design 

Create a user-friendly design that is visually appealing. The biggest culprit I see in this area is big blocks of text that nobody is going to read. People scan, they will not read every word on the page.

People generally deep dive and will read when they’re at the stage of learning and researching but more than likely they read everything after they have booked a treatment.  

Website visitors will just scan your website.

Visually speaking they are going left to right, left to right, left to right. It’s the headers & bolder text that are going to pop.

As mentioned earlier, using a tool like Hotjar, you’ll see how your website looks on different devices. So it should be very easy for people to scroll through your website and have a great layout.

Ideally, image – text – image – text.

People shouldn’t be scrolling more than two to three finger swipes on their phones without breaking up text with icons or media. 


avoid lots of text on your website medical aesthetics


Avoid Mountains of Text

It’s just a waste of time while it might be good for SEO initially. When Google crawls your website they will index it and know what it is about.

The reality of mountains of text when someone Googles…and you have mountains of text

When somebody is searches for “Filler near me” they come on to your website because Google has indexed your website for this term.

Google shows your website…and it’s nothing but blocks and blocks of text

The person jumps back from your website back to Google and that tells Google that this isn’t the answer that the user was looking for.

When this happens multiple times the user has basically told google I searched for filler near me and this website is not providing me with the answers.

You’re website is going to go down in the rankings and that’s not going to get you to where you want to be in the long run.

Break up your content and make it scannable to avoid this.

Take Action: Go to your website on mobile and see if it’s broken up with no mountains of content.  

Bonus: Ensure that people can navigate to the menu bar so they can navigate your website easily.


leads for med spa


#5 – Capture Leads & Data

Let’s look at your website from a lead capture point of view, not all visitors are ready for the conversion. We have to make sure we have the ability to retarget those people with ads or follow up with an email. A great way to do this is to ensure that you have some kind of lead magnets or a way to get people to opt into your list.

Note: Sign up for newsletters in the footer of your website. They convert less than 1% of visitors. We actively want to be promoting ways to get people to opt into your list with lead magnets like a skincare quiz, a skincare guide, sign up for special offers, etc

You need a strategy that is aimed at getting somebody’s information while they are on your website – phone or email.

When visitors come to your website researching a treatment, we know it’s a process and it may take multiple touches before they convert so you want to have the ability to remarket them using paid traffic/ads. Ensure that your pixels are your website for Meta/Facebook & Google.


measure your conversions medical aesthetics


The Most Important Aspect of Conversions – Measurement! 

Measuring what happens online and your offline conversions -> what happens at the clinic? You need to be able to measure your conversions from the consultation. Because what’s good about doing all the pieces we listed above if you’re not actually measuring your conversions from consult to booking to repeat bookings?

The numbers you need to know:

What percentage of website visitors…

Book a consultation?

Call the clinic?

Email the clinic?

Make a booking as a new client?

Send an inquiry form?

Purchase a Package?

Purchase Products?

Advanced Conversions

What percent of website visitors…

Visited the book now page and made a booking?

Visited the contact us page and called, emailed, and completed the form?

Total Website visitors and the number of people who took a conversion action (email, call, booking etc)?

How many people are taking the desired action on your website? What is your baseline number? Once you know it’s .90%, 1.5% etc you can make improvements to increase this number. 


set up measurement


How to Set Up Your Conversion Tracking?

All this can be done inside Google analytics and also backed up by your pay traffic measurements. So you can identify when somebody signs up for a consultation. The easiest way to measure this is to have a thank you / confirmation page. Not just the piece of text that will say thank you for filling out the form.

Using a thank you/confirmation page you will know the only way someone visits this page is if they made a booking or submitted a form. For example your website is the page someone sees when they have completed a form. So you’re able to measure that URL in your Google Analytics. You can set up some goals in Google Analytics. Now, this is more advanced. You might need some help with this part. 


google analytics med spa


If you simplified it for yourself. X Visited my website and X visited the Thank You page you will get your baseline conversion rate over a couple of months. This will give you a starting point to optimize and move forward.

If you aren’t measuring the conversions you are in the dark about what’s happening.

You wouldn’t treat your med spa that way.

I imagine that you can answer…how many rooms are not being fully optimized today? What services are underutilized?

You’re going to try and do everything you can to make sure those numbers are fully optimized and the same goes for your website.

If you’re not tracking the actions that you need to know on your website.

You’re just going to assume something’s not working.

Oh, I tried paid ads, but they didn’t work.

But if you turn it on its head, then you’re able to say…

Visitors who come from social media have a higher conversion rate…

Visitors from organic or from referral websites book at X rate…

You’re able to even break down your traffic source and predictably know what you can expect with promotional efforts.

Knowing who is your high converters, so you can get put effort into improving those numbers.

If you know people coming from your Instagram link in bio are converting more than the people who are coming from Facebook and Facebook people are converting more than the people who are coming from YouTube. 

You’re able to make informed decisions and not just guess


make informed decisions med spa


Even if you did a physical mailer campaign and they don’t have anything to measure. They will just assume it didn’t work unless you had a sharp increase in calls then you will just assume it did work but you have no data.

If you do not have data, you are never going to be able to make the right decisions.

Just as important as it is for you to have your data inside your med spa from the day-to-day. You need to have your data for your website.

Go take action now, so you can enhance your website and optimize it.

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