How to Optimize Your Medical Spa Website to Get More Bookings

How to Optimize Your Medical Spa Website to Get More Bookings

Let’s talk about how you can become fully booked by optimizing your website so that you can generate more bookings, calls & prospects. Before we kick off I just want to reinforce that when we talk about conversions, this is when somebody took the desired action like booking an appointment, completing a contact us form, somebody clicked to call, etc 

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Use Call To Action on Your Website

First off today and way to get more appointments or consultations are to actually ask for it on the website. I know that may sound silly, but you will find a lot of websites do not have strong calls to action. A call to action or a CTA is where you will ask people to click here to learn more, click here to book your appointment, click here to book your free assessment, click here to book, or to ask a question, click here for whatever the desired action is. It could be just as simple as click here to sign up, to get offers promotions discounts from your practice.

You will be surprised how many people just don’t ask for it.

On every single service page that you have at the very least at the end of the page. I want you to have a call to action for the next logical step. Is the next logical step to find out your skin type, talk to one of our skincare advisors, get an appointment, and ask a question. You want to have it there!

Do not make people work to find answers! 

find answers medical spa website

People will do what they’re asked to do, you will be surprised by just asking people to do the next necessary step how many people will actually go ahead and do it. I like to have small calls to action throughout the service page. If we’re on the Botox service page, I will just distribute mini calls to action throughout the page.

Always always, always at the end of the page, give people the option to ask more about it or go ahead and book online. They are always, always there, this is your non-negotiable on a service page, if this is not possible the CTA should be the next piece of content that will help them move forward, and move down your funnel.

What I mean by the funnel is you’re trying to move the prospect down toward the end of a funnel. If you have a picture funnel in your head, it’s nice and wide at the top and then narrows as we get down to the bottom. When they get down to the bottom and they come out of the funnel.

That’s your conversion.

medical spa funnel

You get a lot of people into the funnel, but only a small amount of people will actually go through and convert – ie book an appointment, consultation, or service.

By you using the content, you’re helping people push themselves down towards the conversion action towards the action that we want them to do.

The same goes for your social media videos or any pieces of content out there. DM was to learn more, click here, pop a question in the comments. By asking people to do it, they’re more likely to do it. Make sure you’re asking people to take action because a lot of people will not take action on their own. It’s up to you to pave the pathway for them so they follow your content. To get to the bottom of the funnel and book/call or reach out to you.

simple navigation medical spa website

Create Simple Navigation Menu

And then moving on, we’re in the same realm of calls to action. 

Your navigation menu bar on your website. We are talking about how people find content on your website like your home page, service pages, about us, contact us, etc

I want you to have a button in the navigation bar that is book now and/or call now.

It stands alone.

It should be there prominent on mobile and desktop so people can go onto your website and no matter what page they’re on they have the opportunity to book their services. There’s no special book now page people have to try and find.

Keep that prominent call to action on the top of the page and you will see your conversions naturally increase.

book services now

Talking about the navigation, keep your navigation nice, clean, and simple.

There should be a hierarchy in your navigation. Every website should have its home about services, pricing, and contact page. They are your standards but when it comes to navigating for services it is ideal to break it down depending on, who you are, surgical nonsurgical, and then you can break it down by face and body.

It needs to be very seamless from the user’s point of view.

They navigate to services and they’re able to easily find what they are looking for. “Okay. I’m looking for a nonsurgical and then I’m going to go invasive/noninvasive”.

Break it down. For example Botox- Laser – Hydrafacials – Chemical Peels,

You want to make it nice and easy for people to find what they’re looking for another way to do it is by concern. If you have an overall treatment page and let people navigate their way down, it should be seamless. It should be simple. It should be logical.


Medical spa plastic surgery website conversion
negative signals to google

Avoid Sending Negative Signals to Google

If somebody visits your website and cannot find what they are looking for, they will bounce and that will send the signal to Google that they’re not finding what they’re looking for. This user will return to their Google search and will be looking at other providers that are not you.

Good Navigation Menu Bars for Medical Spas

Having a simple navigation menu can make all the difference in people finding the information that they are looking for and moving along toward making a conversion action.

marketing channels

Meet People Where They Are At (Not where you are at!)

If you don’t implement anything else in this article, but you do this one thing, you are guaranteed success.

I want you to meet people where they are at.

And what do I mean by this?

Not everybody wants to pick up the phone to call you not everybody wants to email you, not everybody wants to send you a text, and not everybody wants to live chat.

But by providing these four channels of contact with your practice. You are meeting people where they are at.

We are talking about small things here that produce huge results.  

Even by just chatting with somebody in the Instagram DMs, it can make all the difference.

Don’t make people go to a channel of communication that they don’t want to do.

If you don’t meet people where they are at. They are highly likely to go with somebody who will meet them, where they are at. 

There are plenty of simple tools like Manychat for embedding a live chat feature on your website that connects them with your social media channels and then also connects by SMS. It’s one of my favorites because I use it for a variety of campaigns when it comes to advertising and increasing conversions on social media so it sits nicely within practices because they’re already in the DMs on Instagram, which helps increase conversions.

Having a live chat is giving somebody the ability to get their questions answered right there in the chat.

They could pick up the phone if they wanted to.

Some people want to message you.

People are at work or scrolling in the middle of the night and they want the answers or the ability to take action right now on their time. 

You can set up some automation that will give people the basic answers to questions like how much is this? How do I book a service? What’s defined as a small area for laser? etc. You can build out everything there, by offering the four different channels you will see a huge improvement in the number of people reaching out to you because you’re allowing somebody to reach out to you where they are comfortable.

Selling in the DMS or live chat SMS is slowly but surely rising more and more and taking over the traditional methods of phoning.

A lot of people are seeing fewer and fewer phone calls but seeing more conversions in their business. 

They’re seeing more appointments, getting fully booked without having somebody there answering the phone. 

increase bookings med spa

Why You Should Allow People to Book Online

Speaking of meeting people where they are at, giving someone the power to book for themselves 24/7/365 days a year is a game-changer!

They do not need to talk to anybody, they do not need to get on the phone, make a call, send a text message, talk to somebody on live chat, or talk to somebody in the DM. No.

They can simply go online and click book now, schedule their consultation, and schedule their service on their own time without having any touches to the practice. I call these a no-touch conversion and these are definitely on the rise.

Personally, whenever I’m looking for a service, it doesn’t matter what it is. When I am traveling and I’m looking to book a facial, I will go with the provider that I can book online. Hands down every time. I have never actually called anybody or sent a message to reach out to somebody.

People will send messages based on recommendations or referrals if there’s no way to get through so that’s when you have your raving fans.

But allowing somebody who scrolls on social media at 3 am when they can’t sleep and they’re thinking, oh, I need some Botox or I’d like to get this treatment. You’re increasing the chances of getting that conversion by allowing somebody to book now.

Most systems I believe out there right now have an embeddable widget that you can put on your website that allows people to book online.

increase bookings med spa

This is important…

If you do have a book now page and this page is a form. A form where you grab the name, email, phone number, what service and preferred date, etc that is not a book now situation.

This is a contact form disguised as a booking form.

What happens in that instances?

You’re calling them an online booking. It’s not an online booking.

This ‘online booking’ goes is sent to someone by email, and is not going to reply to them till tomorrow. Then you’re going back and forth. Hey, does this time work?

You have lost the person.

And the person knows once they have filled out the ‘online booking’ that it’s not an actual booking form and they think to themselves…

What an absolute waste of time.

I’m telling you this with all the love of my heart. It’s BS.

If you have the opportunity to have the book now option and you have the appointments to fill. You need to do it.

Unless you have a waitlist that is so long and you don’t have any availability. 

But if you are somebody who’s wanting to grow your practice. You need to have the book now on there.

These are your two options.

You put the book now on and you got the bookings or you don’t put the book now on and you don’t get the bookings.

It’s very simple. It’s black and white.

increase bookings med spa

The only way you will get the bookings is if you have a kick-ass social media and you are highly renowned and you’re getting referrals from everybody and you’re doing all the other stuff for your social media and people will jump through hoops to work with you. But that’s a very small percentage of practices out there.

Get your book now reach out to whatever software that you’re using, it’s not complicated. Don’t get bogged down.

They generally will have customer service that will handhold you and show you how to do it. And then it will also help with tracking your conversions on your bookings instead of filling out the form. While people will fill out the form, the conversion rate on the backend is low. It’s really not worth it. It’s more work to have that form on your website than it is to have an integration that will allow people to book the service themselves.

testimonials and reviews med spas

Testimonials and Reviews

Make sure you have testimonials and reviews scattered throughout your website. On each service page, you will have a particular review about that service. You will also have your review and testimonial page.

There were some great tools out there that will help you get the reviews.

It isn’t the easiest thing to ask for a review, you can automate this follow-up to.

Asking people for reviews via your service provider for your emails or your booking system. Or have some kind of SMS campaign asking people to do so.

For your clients who are with you regularly,  getting a review from them on video or just a text testimonial is totally fine. Increase your conversions and get more appointments booked by having somebody who tells their story and then people can resonate with it.

In this industry, people are wary of their personal information. You don’t have to have their surnames on there.

improve website speed

This Silent Killer in Your Business – Slow Website

This will kill your business. If your website takes time to load, people have zero patience, and they will be gone.

They will be gone.

They search on Google “Botox near me” they click on the link and…

Loading loading…

You’ve probably got 4 seconds before they give up and go elsewhere.

Is 4 seconds a long time?

No, it doesn’t sound like a long time…BUT IT IS!

That’s a really long time for somebody actually to wait for your website to load. They will bounce and go to another provider.

Test your website speed here: TEST YOUR WEBSITE

Enter your website in there and then we’ll actually tell you how optimized your website is for desktop & mobile.

Mobile is always lower than desktop.

You want to aim for 90+ on Desktop and around 75+ on Mobile.

Got bad results?

Don’t worry!

There are plenty of tools out there.

improve website speed

I know that you may not be technically minded, obviously, nobody got into being a practitioner because they wanted to learn how to build a website, but this is the handy little tool that I use. It’s called 

It is an awesome page speed tool.

There is a free version up to so many page views per month, use the code VIBRANT for 5% off if you want to publish the paid version.

It is a low-cost monthly charge to have it on the backend of your website. And basically what it does is preloads everything like your images, your text, all that kind of stuff. It reduces the amount of time it takes your website to load. It is an absolute game-changer.

Increasing the page speed of your website with a developer will cost a lot and you’re still not guaranteed results. has been my tool of choice for many years now and it works. I use it on all my clients’ sites.

Again, you can get the free version. If you do get the free version at the bottom of your website, you will see a powered-by nitro pack badge, but it definitely is nice and easy for you to do yourself. If you have a WordPress website, definitely the tool of choice.

Get informed and know your page speed time because people have no patience.

When a user is clicking through to your website and it takes longer than a couple of seconds. They’ve lost interest and they’re gone. And as sad as that is, that is the reality of the online world. Everybody wants instant gratification, and if they don’t get it.

You work hard to get that click. So make it count.

get more clients online

Your Recap

• Use calls-to-action on your website to ask people to book/call or reach out.

• Create a simple navigation menu bar that is easy for users to find the information they need.

• Avoid sending negative signals to Google by having a simple navigation menu bar.

• Meet people where they are by providing 4 channels of contact – phone, email, text, and live chat.

• Allow people to book online 24/7/365 days a year with no-touch conversions.

• Include testimonials and reviews throughout the website and consider automating follow-up for reviews.

• Ensure your website page speed is within adequate levels.

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How to Increase Booking and Consultation Requests for Your Medical Spa Website
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