The Ultimate Guide to December Social Media Content for Med Spas

The Ultimate Guide to December Social Media Content for Med Spas

In this episode (article), we will guide you through creating engaging social media content for the month of December. Whether you’re a med spa owner or a social media marketer, this guide will help you make the most out of the holiday season. Let’s dive in!

Creating the Perfect December Social Media Content:

December can be a challenging month for social media engagement, as people are busy with holiday preparations and may not have as much time to interact with online content. However, with the right strategy and creative ideas, you can still capture their attention and drive engagement.

Here’s a comprehensive content calendar for December:

Day 1: The 12 Days of Christmas

Kick off December with the 12 Days of Christmas promotion. Start on December 1st and run it until December 12th. Highlight a different product or service each day, creating anticipation and excitement. Use video content or engaging carousels to showcase the featured item. Offer a special promotional discount or bundle to encourage conversions. Note: the 12 days can start anywhere up until December 13th.

Day 2: Winter Skin Prep

Highlight a rejuvenating facial treatment perfect for winter skin hydration. Do a behind the scenes look at a treatment, a gif, boomerang…DO NOT and I repeat do not post a picture of the machine used for this treatment. That is engagement hell. 

Day 3: Holiday Gift Cards

Promote holiday gift cards with a special offer. For example, “Spend $100, Get $10” or “Spend $100, Get $20.” Use fun and festive visuals, like team members wearing Santa hats, to capture attention. Consider creating boomerang videos or short videos to generate engagement.

Day 4: Before and After Transformations

Share a before and after photo of a client who received a popular treatment. Emphasize treatments with minimal downtime that deliver impressive results. Highlight the limited availability and time window for the promotion to create a sense of urgency.

Day 5: Last Bookings for Best Results

Promote the last chance for injectables treatments before the holiday season. Remind clients that the 14-day window after treatment is crucial for corrections. Make them aware that many facilities close during the holidays, so booking now ensures they have enough time for any necessary adjustments.

Day 6: Testimonials

Feature a testimonial from a customer who achieved their holiday glow through your treatments. Showcase positive reviews from various sources, such as Trustpilot or Google Reviews. Video testimonials often perform well, but any testimonial format can be effective in building trust and credibility.

Day 7: Holiday Glow Packages

Highlight a package of treatments that are perfect for achieving a holiday glow. Offer a combination of treatments, such as a rejuvenating facial followed by a finishing treatment. Create enticing visuals and emphasize the benefits of the package.

Day 8: Behind the Scenes

Give your audience a glimpse into the clinic’s preparations for the holidays. Share the day’s schedule, showcasing the variety of treatments your team will be performing. Behind-the-scenes content performs well on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Day 9: Team Favorites

Feature team members and their favorite treatment to give. Create a compilation video or photo gallery to showcase different team members’ expertise. Consider providing a special offer for the featured treatment on this day.

Day 10: Skincare Tips for Winter

Share skincare tips for maintaining glowing skin during the winter. Offer advice for maintaining results between treatments and suggest products that can help. Create visually appealing graphics or videos to capture attention.

Day 11: Promote a BOGO Deal

Buy one, get one, give one, get one offer when it comes to your holiday skincare items that you have for sale or gift packages.

Day 12: Free Treatment Giveaway – End of the 12 Days of Christmas

Celebrate the end of the 12 Days of Christmas by hosting a giveaway. Offer a free or heavily discounted treatment as a holiday gift to one lucky winner. Encourage engagement by asking participants to comment below and share why they deserve the treatment.

Day 13: How to Maintain Your Results from In-Clinic Treatments

Share a video tutorial on how to maintain your skin at home. Do a ‘get ready with me’ video as you do your morning skincare routine. 

Day 14: Benefits of a Specific Treatment for Winter Skin

Discuss how a particular treatment helps reduce signs of winter skin symptoms, list off all related skin issues, and how you can help. 

Day 15: Talk About Your Holiday Availability

This is the day we want to talk about what open availability you have. Or if you’re fully booked, let’s talk about getting on the wait list, or let’s talk about when you’re back open again.

Day 16: Get Ready for Your Holiday Party

What treatment is best that has no downtime they’re going to leave the office looking amazing.

Day 17: Memes for Holiday Stress

Lighten the mood with a meme comparing the stress of the holidays to the flawless appearance of your clients. This type of content tends to generate high engagement and shares. Choose relatable holiday-related memes and captions.

Day 18: Promote your Holiday Skin Care Gifts

Use Video and carousel Posts with stories to answer commonly asked questions. What gift care package is right for aging skin, what issue/skin concern suits what package? 

Day 19: New Year, New You Packages

Promote packages for post-holiday rejuvenation. Design packages that target common New Year’s resolutions for healthier skin. Highlight the treatments’ effectiveness and their ability to help clients achieve their goals in 2024.

Day 20: Benefits of Regular [Insert Treatment Here]

We want to talk about why you should be getting regular treatments for example Hydrafacials. Why at-home care needs to be paired with regular professional treatments.

Day 21: Thank You Post

Do a holiday-themed post, get your Santa hat, talk to your clients who have supported you. Talk about that you’re super grateful for them and you’re still going to see a few of them leading up to the holidays.

Day 22: The Reality of a Skincare Journey

Share a client’s story about their skincare journey with you. The purpose of this is to leads into your 2024 skincare package.

Hopefully, you do have before and afters to share, and tell a story about how long it takes to achieve your skincare journey. Talk about a story where a client had a really good transformation over 6 to 12 months, what that looks like and what commitment is needed to be able to achieve that.

Day 23: Holiday Hours and Closures

Remind your clients of your holiday hours and any closures during the festive period. Provide any necessary emergency contact information and let them know when you will reopen. This ensures transparency and helps manage their expectations.

Day 24: Christmas Eve Greetings

Share holiday greetings from the team to your audience. Capture the team’s excitement and the preparations happening on Christmas Eve. Create a compilation video or photo collage to showcase the festive atmosphere.

Day 25: Christmas Wishes

Wish your audience a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Express gratitude for their support and loyalty throughout the year. Share a festive image or video to spread joy and positivity.

Day 26: Still Time for New Year Glow

There’s still time for your New Year glow to remind clients to book their New Year’s Eve appointments (If you have any left). And if you don’t, how can you get the New Year’s glow at home?

Day 27: Skincare Tips for Holiday Hustle

Discuss tips to help rejuvenate the skin and get over the whole holidays. 

Day 28: New Years Resolutions

Highlight a treatment that helps with New Year’s resolutions for healthier skin.

Day 29: Holiday Hustle Recovery Tips

Offer skincare tips for recovering from the holiday hustle. Share advice on rejuvenating the skin after the holiday festivities, such as using face masks or specific treatments. Provide helpful suggestions to maintain healthy and glowing skin.

Day 30: Your Top 5 Treatments of 2023

What’s been your five most popular treatments in 2023 and start running through them. People love this. Ideally a video and they can just be as simple as you standing there and that you’re pointing up to the sky top five treatments and 2023.

Day 31: New Year’s Eve Message

Wrap up the year with a New Year’s Eve message, expressing excitement for the year ahead. Encourage your audience to prioritize their skincare goals in 2024 and share how your clinic can help them achieve those goals.

We’ve just provided you with a comprehensive content calendar for December, tailored to the unique needs of med spas during the holiday season. This guide will help you plan and execute engaging social media content that captures your audience’s attention and drives conversions. Remember to be creative, festive, and consistent in your messaging. Customize the calendar to fit your specific offerings and target audience. Happy posting and cheers to a successful holiday season for your med spa!

We hope you found this Ultimate Guide to December Social Media Content for Med Spas helpful. Stay tuned for more marketing tips and strategies on the Med Spa Marketing Show. 

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