What Hashtags Should Your Med Spa Use For Instagram

What Hashtags Should Your Med Spa Use For Instagram

Do you wonder what hashtags you should use for your IG posts? Or you don’t use them but know they can be helpful. There is a technique you should be using for all your IG posts so you can increase the likelihood to be found on Instagram. Want to know more?

Before we dive into what hashtags you should use you need to be aware of one simple rule that applies to the use of hashtags.

RULE: If you aren’t including your hashtags in your caption you only have a matter of 10-30 seconds to post your hashtags for them to help your post become discoverable. To make this easy, you can create stacks of hashtags on your mobile device so you can copy and paste the relevant hashtags for your post.

What hashtags to use on your posts?

Instagram allows you to post 30 hashtags with each post that you create. Generally speaking, you will want to have a minimum of 10 hashtags.

Your hashtag block should be made up of the following hashtags by popularity:

–          5-7 hashtags extremely popular hashtags

–          4-5 hashtags that are popular

–          5-6 hashtags that are moderately popular

–          2-7 niche-specific hashtags

–          1-4 brand-specific hashtags

How to create your hashtag blocks?

Extremely Popular Hashtags

You will want to find 5-7 most popular hashtags that are industry-specific and super popular. These hashtags should hover around 750,000-1,000,000

Popular Hashtags

Find 4-5 hashtags that are industry and service-specific with approximately 500,000-750,000Moderately popular hashtags. For example, you will use regular hashtags in your posts like #medspa 

Moderately Popular Hashtags

Find 5-6 hashtags that are popular in your city/location and service-specific. For example, you will use tags such as #lipfiller #newyorkmedspa

Niche-Specific Hashtags

You will create 2-5 custom hashtags each time you create a post depending on what the context of the post is. For example, you have a post that is about botox, your hashtags would be similar to #botoxpostcare #botoxtreatment #byewrinkles #botoxtime #lovebotox

Whatever the service you will customize these hashtags for filler, laser treatments, facials, etc

Brand Specific Hashtags

You will want to create 1-4 hashtags that are personalized to your med spa. Example of hashtags you would use #mymedspa #beautybymymedspa #skinbymymedspa #mymedspacity #beautybydrholly #beautybynurseBecki

If you own a med spa in Toronto called Beauty Bar your hashtags would be as follows… #beautybar #beautybybeautybar #skinbybeautybar #beautybartoronto

Once you have your hashtags created you will enter them into your phone and copy and paste them into your post. You will need to swap out your niche-specific hashtags and update them with relevant hashtags for your post.

What hashtags have you found best to get your posts discovered? Let us know in the comments!

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